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Top 5 Hot Tub Care Items You Need

Owning a Sundance® Spa is all about relaxation and living a stress-free lifestyle. For some, thinking about having to clean their hot tub rather than soak in it is frustrating. We all know cleaning and maintenance isn’t our favourite thing to do. None the less, it must be done.

Luckily, Champagne Spas has you covered with hot tub care items that will help cut time off of your cleaning routine and make it much easier. Here are some of the best hot tub care items in Southern California.

SmartCartridge Chemical Dispenser

Maintaining the cleanliness of your Sundance® Spa has never been so simple. The SmartCartridge Chemical Dispenser makes it easy to keep your hot tub clean and ready to use. All you have to do is put your bromine tablets or ProClear™ Mineral Cartridge into the spa filter system. Once they’re in place, the sanitizing chemicals will be automatically released.

Microfiber Spa Pre-filter

With the microfiber spa pre-filter, the impurities are cut off at the source. By attaching the pre-filter to your garden hose you can prevent the contaminants from entering your hot tub while you fill it with spa water. Things like sediment, dirt, rust, calcium, copper and iron are effectively filtered from the hose water as it fills your Sundance® Spa. Each microfiber spa pre-filter is can be used for two to three fills of 1,200 gallons of water.

MicroClean™ Ultra

The MicroClean™ Ultra is an interlocking system that features dual filtration resulting in exceptionally pure water. Larger particles are filtered by the outer layer of the system while the smaller, superfine particles are filtered by the inner layer. The MicroClean™ Ultra is also a cost effective investment. You can save money on replacement filters with the washable first-stage filter.

CLEARRAY® Water Purification System

The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System comes standard with all Sundance® Spa models. The purification system treats water by using a proprietary UV-C light technology, which eliminates the need to add gas, chemicals, and other by-products to the water. The amount of sanitizing chemicals are also drastically cut as a result.

The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System:

  • Treats 99.9% of aquatic pathogens
  • Is factory installed exclusive UV-C technology
  • Has up to 50% reduction for sanitizing and chemical usage
  • Doesn’t omit harmful odors or by-products
  • Features powerful stainless steel and quartz components

The technology used in the CLEARRAY® Water Purification System is highly effective for other industries as well. Trades like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, bottling and beverage, aquariums and industrial and municipal water treatment use this technology for hygienic and clear water.

Spa Vacuum

This user-friendly spa vacuum makes cleaning and maintenance of your Sundance® Spa hot tub a breeze. The spa vacuum is easy to assemble and features a slide-on brush, dual-end nozzle, skimmer, and a wide-end nose attachment. These features make it easy to help keep your hot tub crystal clear and safe for use.

Hot Tub Care in Southern California

Using your Sundance® Spa on a regular basis is beneficial for your physical and mental health. It gives you a place to relax and unwind in the comfort of your San Diego home. Without proper care and cleaning products, maintenance can be a long and complex routine. With these top products from Champagne Spas in San Diego, cleaning your hot tub has never been so simple.

Keep your spa clean, safe and enjoyable for maximum relaxation in your backyard retreat.

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