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The Basics of Hot Tub Yoga

Yoga has long been an extraordinarily popular alternative to traditional fitness. The roots of this amazing discipline date back to thousands of years. It is rooted in ancient wisdom, and it is a great way to gain energy, sculpt your body as well as improve your mood, and reduce stress levels. The beautiful thing is that it keeps evolving with the times and is very adaptable.

A great example? Hot tub yoga! Many hot tub owners love to bring the best of both worlds together, practicing these poses in the comfort of their hot tubs to reap some truly stunning benefits. Read on to find out more and discover some of the best perks of this healthy approach to fitness.

What Are the Benefits?

Hot tub yoga is generally considered to be a little easier to perform than traditional yoga, while still offering increased efficiency. The water helps with natural buoyancy, but also offers some resistance. This allows your body to work a little bit harder, but without actually feeling it.

It can be great to add to your fitness routine. It can act as a great stretching session and can even help prevent injuries while working out. If you’re looking for a low-impact, relaxing, and rewarding alternative to working out, this might just be the perfect solution.

How is Water Yoga Performed?

Performing hot tub yoga is extremely simple. If you already know some of the basics of yoga, you can apply what you already know to this new set up, since many poses are easily adaptable to your hot tub. If you’re new to hot tub yoga, this is going to be a great way to get initiated to yoga in the first place, since the water makes it easier and more fun to get adjusted to it!

Safety Precautions of Hot Tub Exercise

Staying safe is very important when practicing any kind of physical activity. There are many easy ways to improve your safety. For starters, stay hydrated and don’t overwork yourself to avoid accidents. Staying hydrated can prevent you from falling victim to fatigue, improving your overall experience.

You can also make your hot tub safer by slip-proofing some surfaces! The last thing you want is a nasty fall.

Classic Yoga Poses

Below are some traditional yoga poses that are adapted easily into a hot tub yoga routine:

  • Triangle pose
  • Lotus pose
  • Tree pose

The Triangle Pose is considered a very comprehensive yoga pose, due to its extensive stretching action on various body parts, while the Lotus Pose can help you stretch and relax. Not to mention that it’s relatively easy to perform for beginners. The Tree Pose is perhaps one of the most famous yoga poses, as it’s great to strengthen thighs, ankles, and core.

Do you want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact your hot tubs and spa pros at Champagne Spas in California! Our team of experts is always happy to help and answer your questions!

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