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Swim Spas VS. Hot Tubs: The Benefits of Both

If you are looking to add a new means for exercise and relaxation to your California home, a swim spa or hot tub might be for you! Hot tubs and swim spas offer distinct features that make each one unique, even though they do have some similarities. In Southern California, Champagne Spas offers a wide variety of Sundance® Spas.

You may be wondering whether a hot tub or swim spa is best for you. Well that all depends on your needs and wants.

Hot Tubs and Relaxation

For most hot tub owners in San Diego and Orange County, the key to unwinding at the end of the day is the invigorating heat of the crystal-clear water and soothing pressure from the jets. It’s no secret that hot tubs are extremely beneficial for anyone looking to relax their mind and soothe their body.

Hot tubs are popularly used for their health benefits and healing properties. Techniques such as hydrotherapy utilize the warm temperature and powerful jets to relieve muscle pain and soothe sore joints. The healing process for muscle injuries speeds up and often people find that they have a better sleep on a regular basis.

Not only are hot tubs beneficial for your mental and physical health, but they can offer an opportunity for socializing with family and friends. Devices like cell phones and tablets are often left outside of the hot tub, providing loved ones with an opportunity to escape technology while spending quality time together. There are many features available to keep everybody happy!

Swim Spas 101

Swim spas are a great choice for if you cannot decide between a swimming pool and a hot tub for your California home. Benefits from both pools and hot tubs are combined into one spa. This results in an area where you can exercise and relax all at once and in the comfort of your own sunny backyard.

A large portion of the swim spa is an area similar to a pool. This area creates the perfect space to participate in recreational activities or strengthen and exercise your body through personalized training routines. Powerful jets provide swimmers with the opportunity to swim against a man-made current. While swimming at your own pace, you’re able to train against the flow of the water for as long as need be. In comparison, this is a great alternative to swimming laps in a pool, where swimmers constantly have to stop and turn around when approaching a wall.

With the help of the relaxing, yet powerful jets, swim spas provide an intimate area to sit down and relax. Once you’re finished exercising, you can sit down and ease your sore and tired muscles. You can strengthen, tone, relax and stretch your body all at once!

Not only do swim spas combine the health benefits of both pools and hot tubs, but they combine the sizes too. Swim spas offer all the benefits of a hot tub and a swimming pool without taking up a huge portion of the backyard.

Personal Desires

It’s important to keep in mind what your needs and wants are while deciding between a hot tub and a swim spa. You may want to steer in the direction of a hot tub if you are looking for a spa that caters to relaxation, intimate socialization and healing properties.

On the other hand, a swim spa may be your answer if you are looking for an opportunity to strengthen your swimming skills and incorporate exercise into your day. And let’s not forget about size, if you need to accommodate more people but have a smaller backyard, a swim spa is the perfect alternative to a swimming pool.

Take a look at the Sundance® Spas we offer to find the perfect addition to your backyard! No matter what your preferences are, we have a solution for your California home.

Contact Champagne Spas today to learn more about swim spas and hot tubs!

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