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Sundance Spas Redefines Hydrotherapy and Indulges the Senses with the 880 Majesta™

CHINO, Calif. – The Majesta, a versatile offering in the 880 Series from Sundance Spas, Inc. – internationally recognized for superior design – was born from a desire to tantalize all of the senses. With seating for five to six adults, the Majesta spa delivers a total of 35 jets in eight different types that focus on different areas of the body for a full body hydromassage. Enhanced water and lighting features complete the ultimate spa experience.

“The 880 series Majesta™ hot tub gives consumers a wide range of jet options – from invigorating to tension-relieving – to truly customize their experience,” said Erica Moir, vice president of product development, design and marketing at Sundance Spas, Inc. “Hydrotherapy is most effective when the water massage you receive targets muscle groups that need the most attention. The Majesta spa gives consumers the power to change the pressure of the jets to suit their moods and needs at a moment’s notice.”

Hydrotherapy is an effective way to combat stress-related health issues, as benefits include improved circulation, better sleep, and alleviation of arthritis and back pain. Majesta customization features indulge the senses:

  • Pandering to the Sense of Touch – Advanced Jets: Fourteen air injectors and eight types of jets, including pressure point, whirlpool, high-impact massage therapy and relaxation, provide the ultimate spa indulgence. Jets can be adjusted depending on personal preference to control air, water direction and volume, providing a customized invigorating massage. A Sundance exclusive, Fluidix ST™ and Fluidix Intelli-Jets™ feature a patented bearingless design with no moving parts for superior durability. They are fully adjustable. Four neck-massaging Fluidix NEX™ jets release tension, while a whirlpool jet delivers vigorous massage action. The easy to operate I-Touch™ System, with its fully-programmable digital control pad, allows for motor and temperature control. Seating is designed to accommodate different body types and a cool down seat eases the transition in and out of the water.
  • Delight for the Eyes and Ears – Water Features: The AquaTerrace™ waterfall with adjustable water stream and lighting can be run continuously even with the spa therapy pumps are off to enhance the feeling of leisure, whether in the hot tub or outside of it when enjoying the backyard.
  • For the Sense of Smell – Aromatherapy: Sundance Spas combines true aroma with hydrotherapy through its SunScents™ aromatherapy system which is tied into the blower, creating an innovative method of scent release. Eight different scents allow the user to enhance their mood, ranging from relaxing to invigorating.

The range of benefits offered by the Majesta spa’s jets provide comfort to pressure points in the shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet, as well as stimulating massage on larger muscles to relieve tension and joint pain. Additional water features and aromatherapy options allow the spa user to personalize the experience. As a contemporary addition to the 880 Series from Sundance Spas, the Majesta spa provides a complete retreat for tired muscles and busy minds, providing the ultimate in hydrotherapy from head to toe.

About Sundance Spas Inc.

Since 1979, Sundance Spas has perfected the spa experience. Sundance Spas is devoted to improving health and lifestyle through its hydrotherapy benefits, including stress relief, health restoration and the creation of an environment for balanced living. Sundance Spas, Inc. manufactures portable and in-ground hot tubs, including a complete line of accessories, available through specialty retail locations in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information, please call 909-606-7733 or visit www.sundancespas.com.


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