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How to Throw the Best Hot Tub Party

Throwing a hot tub party is a sure-fire way to become the star of your neighborhood. Your friends and family will greatly appreciate the opportunity to relax in your luxurious hot tub, all while enjoying your company! This article will give you some amazing tips about how to organize a hot tub party, one that will dazzle your guests, and will be remembered for years to come!


There are many accessories that can come in handy at any backyard party or BBQ, especially with a hot tub! So, why not add something special to your backyard this summer?

Tables and chairs are the best example: they provide a perfect option to accommodate your guests in your backyard, especially around the hot tub area! High-quality seating options can comfortably and conveniently provide your guests with a place to lounge, all while still being “around the action”, even when not using the tub.

There are many other excellent accessories to consider, including hot tub steps, hammocks, water features, BBQ pits, and flower planters. These additions to your backyard will not only improve the aesthetic but also its functionality and comfort!

Installation of a Gazebo

Have you ever thought about having a gazebo installed near or overtop of your hot tub? A gazebo can provide a convenient location for people to store their clothes or items while enjoying the fabulous water inside the tub. All while adding an exclusive and resort-like atmosphere to your backyard. Should the weather fail you, you can even host a “plan b” party and welcome the guests in your gazebo, if it is big enough!

Food and Drinks

No hot tub party worth its name would be complete without tub-side refreshments!

Enjoying a cold one in the tub is just a classic thing to do. Even if you don’t want to drink alcohol and keep the party kid friendly, you can always offer refreshing sodas or tasty homemade beverages, such as lemonades or juices. Offering plenty of drinks is not just great to entertain and entice your guests: if it’s a hot summer day, you will also help them stay hydrated.

As far as food, bring on the snacks! Nacho chips and dips are an all-time favorite, but you can also go for some delicious hummus and crackers if you feel like something different. If you want to give your guests a healthier, yet still delicious option, you could offer a nice bowl of self-serve salad. Throw in some spinach, radish, pine nuts, avocados and feta cheese cubes for an amazing summer vibe.

Music playlists

A great party needs a great soundtrack: make sure you work out an amazing playlist with plenty of songs that your guests will enjoy, long enough to keep the party going! If you aren’t sure where to begin, head to your favourite radio station or music streaming App! Google Play Music and Spotify make great options.

With most streaming platforms, you can create a playlist that allows others with the same App to contribute as well! That way, everybody can listen to their favourite music.

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