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How to Exercise in a Swim Spa

Most love having the opportunity to exercise at home. The lucky ones who own a swim spa certainly get to experience many wonderful benefits of at-home, water-based exercises. And on a regular basis, too. Swim spas are in fact perfect for anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy and productive exercise routine, right in the comfort of their own home.

Getting started is easy. Read on to find out more about how to effectively exercise in your swim spa.

Safety Precautions

Safety should always be your first and foremost concern. Before you start exercising in your swim spa, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe training experience in any given circumstance. Since you are going to be moving in the water quite a bit, it might be a good idea to ensure you don’t slip! Use slip mats or other rugged surfaces in and around your swim spa. This will allow your feet to establish a better grip and avoid falls and other accidents. Make sure to clear any objects around the swim spa. For instance, if you leave items like speakers or clothing around the perimeter, you may want to move them so they don’t get knocked in. Even worse, you wouldn’t want to trip on them getting out.

Make sure to consistently drink water. Even when exercising in the water, your body can still get dehydrated. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep liquids handy. When drinking, avoid taking huge sips of water or downing a bottle at once like some people like to do. Instead, drink often, but in little sips.

When exercising in the water, you might feel less fatigue than you would in a normal fitness situation. However, your body will still wear out over time. Make sure you never overdo it and set a time limit for your exercises. Start with relatively short routines and move one to longer ones as you progress. You might find that you’re able to improve your resistance overtime in a safe and responsible way.

Benefits of Exercising in the Water

Swim spas offer a wide variety of benefits, especially when they’re used for exercise. The first thing you will probably notice is that many exercises feel easier, almost instantly! The natural buoyancy of the water will relieve weight from your bones and muscles, meaning that your body won’t have to carry so much weight when performing exercises in the water!

In addition to that, the sheer temperature of the water will help you prevent muscle and joint injuries, as it provides a warm and comfortable exercise environment. Your muscles and joints can warm up much quicker, and in an environment that’s built for fitness, safety and comfortability.

Swim Spa Exercises

The possibilities are virtually endless.

Depending on your age, mobility or skill level, you can perform a wide range of exercises in your swim spa. From jogging and swimming laps to jumping jacks, squats, lunges and more! Many exercises that you perform out of the water can be easily adapted for your swim spa.

For example, you can easily work on your abdominals by doing reverse crunches. Simply sit in one of the swim spa seats and extend your legs fully in front of you. Pull your knees towards your chest and hold the position for a moment. Complete three sets of eight to ten reverse crunches as a part of any water-based abdominal workout!

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