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How Long Should I Stay in a Hot Tub For?

Spending time in a hot tub can be a lot of fun. The temptation to soak in the pleasant water for many, many hours is absolutely tempting. However, there are many safety concerns that come from spending too much time bathing in hot water, and they shouldn’t be taken too lightly. At Champagne Spas, your health and safety is our main concern. Hot tubs can be great for your health and wellness, when used safely and in moderation. This article will explain how long users should stay inside a hot tub for, so they can enjoy the best experience possible.

Risks When You Stay in a Hot Tub Too Long

Spending too much time in hot water can dehydrate your body. Since your body is hot and sweating, it’s a good idea to get out and take a break every now and then. As a rule of thumb, you should keep a bottle of ice water nearby and consistently enjoy small sips of cool water.

Too much heat can sometimes lead to fatigue and dizziness, which is similar to what happens when you spend too much time in a very hot sauna. The heat that saunas and hot tubs provide is simply not intended for hours and hours of relaxation.


The average consensus of how long one should bathe in a hot tub for is about 30 minutes to an hour.

This estimate really varies greatly depending on several factors. For example, weather, age, time of day, and state of health can affect how long you should stay inside the water in one sitting. If you feel like spending a lot of time in your hot tub, you most definitely can, but it’s advised to take a few 15-20-minute breaks every hour. Just to allow your body to take a breather!

Healthy adults are likely the hot tub users with the stronger constitution. As such, the can often spend a lot more time bathing in a hot tub without experiencing any issues. As with anything else, the best thing you can do is certainly to use your best judgment and get out of the water if you start to feel uncomfortable.


Children are likely to overstay their time in the hot tub. Hot tubs are pretty exciting and fun, after all!

Losing track of the hours is so easy when you’re having fun! Since kids are not as physically strong as an adult, it is highly recommended to take precautions and really watch your kids, so you can make sure they don’t overstay any bathing time limit.

Children should stay inside the hot tub for about 10-20 minutes at a time, with a much lower temperature. Set the temperature to 90°F to 98°F to keep it safe and comfortable for them.

Safety precautions

As mentioned before, to enjoy a safer hot tub experience you can lower the temperature of your hot tub. Sundance® Spas hot tubs are fully-equipped with an advanced and user-friendly control system. You can even utilize an App from your mobile device to ensure the settings are correct at all times.

Refresh yourself and stay hydrated by keep drinking water handy at all times! Need more information or want to know more about hot tubs? We’d be happy to help! Get in touch with our experts at Champagne Spas in California today! We have a wide selection of hot tubs for sale in San Diego.

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