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How Can I Use My Hot Tub in the Summer?

Did you know that a hot tub can make an amazing summer companion? In spite of its name, a hot tub can indeed be used as a “cool tub”, which can provide an extremely refreshing environment, especially during a hot California summer! This technique is especially helpful if you don’t own a swimming pool or if your backyard isn’t equipped to have one installed. Not to mention, there are so many other amazing benefits that will make you love your hot tub, even more so during the hot months of the year.

Chill in a Refreshing Cool Tub

As mentioned earlier, you can easily enjoy all the comfort and perks of your Sundance® Spas Hot Tub even during summer. You can easily fill it up with cold water for a refreshing effect – a perfect way to escape the heat of long summer days!

Most spas and hot tubs offer a cool water mode. This will enable you to simply lower the temperature, which is a simple way to reduce the temperature of the water. However, you could even just turn your tub heater off altogether to enjoy some cool water. If you also run air jets to spread the refreshing water around, the temperature will plummet quickly, allowing you to efficiently cool down your hot tub.

During the summer, there are many useful things you can do to keep the water cool and refreshing. For instance, it’s a great idea to keep your hot tub covers on during a hot, sunny day if you aren’t using the tub. This will prevent the sun from projecting too much heat into the water, thus keeping it cool and refreshing for a longer amount of time.

Soak in the Moonlight

Even during the summer, some still really love using their hot tub for the benefits that the warm water can provide. The temperature of the water can help soothe sore bodies and help the mind unwind. Especially with the relaxing effect of the luxurious, hot water. If you love spending time in your hot tub, try taking a dip into the hot water during a summer night.

Paired with a lovely cool breeze, you can enjoy a simply perfect summer night.

Throw a Party

Throwing a party with a cool or hot tub is probably the easiest way to become the most popular neighbor around. Hot tubs provide a really great way to bond with your friends and family, and throwing a party in your home is always going to be a fun, engaging and memorable activity for you and your guests alike.

If you have a nice outdoors area, such as a garden or a backyard, you could organize a nice summer barbecue and invite your guests to soak in your tub. You can all enjoy the day together, chatting and having fun in the relaxing atmosphere.

Heal after Summer Activity

Hot tubs are great for relaxation, in every way.

Summer days are long and hot, and even when you are not really working, you probably will have your plate full of activities and other things that might make you feel tired at the end of the day. By soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long summer day, you will certainly be able to regain some energy and relax. So, you can face tomorrow with new-found vitality!

Contact your hot tub professionals at Champagne Spas for more information or to browse our selection of Sundance® Spas hot tubs for sale in San Diego. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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