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Cambria Hot Tub in California


  • Seats: 4-5
  • Dimensions: 76" x 91" x 34"
  • Dry Weight: 772 lbs (364 kg)
  • Spa Volume: 400 US gal (1,514 liters)
  • Jets: 46
  • Air Control/Massage Selectors: 4 Controls / 1 Massage Selector
  • Water Purification: CLEARRAY®
  • Filtration: MicroClean® Ultra, 20" Slipstream™ Skimmer
  • Circulation Pump: YES
  • Waterfalls: 1
  • Electrical (North America): North America (60 Hz): 240 VAC @ 40A, 50A or 60A
  • Stereo: OPTIONAL

With room for up to five adults, the Cambria™ spa maximizes comfort and hydrotherapy through seats thoughtfully designed around people. This 880™ Series model has the best of everything and more, including a unique bench seat, a dual-purpose beverage concierge filter lid, and a low profile and grab bars that make it easy for everyone in your family to use this hot tub.

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