Personalize Your Hot Tub, From the Spa Color to the Spa Cover.


WiFi Cloud Control System & Smartphone App

Wherever, whenever...24/7

The spa controls on a hot tub are conveniently located and easy to use. Digital touchpads give you total spa control - hot tub water circulation, hydrotherapy, filtration, purification, temperature, and lights! Each model features a clear and legible digital spa control panel, and most panels can be inverted for easy reading whether you’re inside or outside the hot tub. Pre-programming capabilities mean you can use energy-efficient settings, and also make sure your spa is always warm and ready for use.


Sundance® Spas SunSmart™

Sundance® Spas SunSmart™

The Sundance© SunSmart™ Cloud Control includes an app for your smartphone that provides access to your spa via WiFi connection from anywhere. You can be inside your house, at work, or even on vacation and still have access to your Sundance spa. With the SunSmart app, you can be certain that your spa will be ready when you want. While you’re at work you can set your spa temperature to your preference so when you get home it’s ready to jump into. Having the SunSmart™ app on your smartphone eliminates the need to be at your spa to adjust the controls.

Features/Benefits Include:

  • Control your 880 Series spa remotely with your smartphone through WiFi
  • Intuitive operation with simple menus and advanced functionality for energy savings and convenience
  • Instance access to your spas’ temperature, pumps, lights, filter cycles and much more
  • Out of town mode to reduce power consumption when you are away for prolonged periods or customize your spa’s operation based on your schedule of use
  • Ability to manage all of your spas from a central control point 24/7
  • Ideal for people who have multiple spas, perhaps one at your home and one at your vacation property

The SunSmart™ Cloud Control will also alert you when an error occurs with your spa so that preventative service can happen quickly. The app will alert your preferred dealer via email so that no time is wasted. In addition to these new features, you can still operate the basics such as turning on the jets and lights. Lastly, your app will remind you when it is time to for key maintenance like changing filters, CLEARRAY® bulb, or even your water. No more relying on your memory or notes on a calendar to keep your spa operating at its peak performance.