Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas™ are designed to provide the ultimate therapeutic spa experience.





  • Seats: 4
  • Dimensions: 78" x 60" x 30"
  • Dry Weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Spa Volume: 200 gal (757 liters)
  • Jets: 27
  • Lounge Seat: YES
  • Filtration: 35 Sq. Ft. Filter
  • Circulation Pump: NO
  • Pumps: 1
  • Lighting: LED Lighting
  • Headrests: 1
  • Electrical (North America): GFCI Cord: 15 ft 120V, 15 A for North America (60 Hz)
  • Stereo: NO


Artesian Spas - An innovative company with a dedication to quality.



Pillowfalls provide a constantly available source of visual and auditory tranquility. Water pours from the spa pillow, creating a soothing waterfall with all its tranquil effects. Simply enjoy the serene sound of the falling water or nestle under and feel the warm water sweep down your neck and back. Plus, with the optional LED lighting systems, the Pillowfall is infused with LED light.
Note: Available only on select spas.



The new generation of Artesian Spas’ control system takes spa control to a whole new level. This new sleek design includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD with simple to follow menus and the technology to control your spa system wirelessly. Easily set the temperature, lighting preferences, reminders, diagnostics, languages, messages, and time.

Features of the 680™ Series

Classic features coupled with Sundance® craftsmanship surround you with a hydrotherapy experience that leaves you feeling good. Explore more features here.

680 Series Filter

CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology and Filtration

Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh water. The 680™ Filtration System with 50 square foot vertical filter, Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump and CLEARRAY® system.

680 Series Controls

The Simplified 680™ Series Control Panel

This easy-to-use LED control panel helps to streamline your spa's functions.

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