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Best Hot Tub for Your Lifestyle

Choosing a hot tub is a big deal. After all, you are probably going to use that particular hot tub for years to come, so you’ll want to make sure that it is perfect for your lifestyle. Above ground and in-ground models are available. The type that you choose often depends on your existing layout. For example, if you already own a pool, you might want to add an in-ground hot tub. On the other hand, homeowners with small yards might want to choose a 2-3 person spa that sits above ground. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best hot tub for your personal needs or lifestyle goals.

Swimming and Running Enthusiasts

Swim spas are also an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate the value of running in water for a low impact workout.

Entertainment Enthusiasts

Party lovers should err on the side of caution and select a 6+ person spa that offers the ultimate in luxury and size. Spacious hot tubs are perfect for large outdoor spaces designed to entertain a bevy of guests. A number of Sundance® spas are suitable for this purpose.

Relaxation Enthusiasts

For people looking to indulge in the relaxation of heated waters, a hot tub is a good choice. Its use relieves tension and muscle aches, enabling improved sleep sessions and promoting a calmer attitude. Placing the hot tub in a peaceful location enhances the benefits of using it on a regular basis. Sundance spas are equipped with Fluidix jets that deliver relaxation for tired muscles and relief for aching bones.  

Therapy Users

Creating a sense of serenity that eases stress and alleviates muscle tension, hot tubs are built to deliver therapeutic benefits that assist in boosting muscle recovery, soothing aches, and reducing pain. A small hot tub designed for 2-3 people should be sufficient for this purpose. Sundance® Spas include a patented jet system designed to deliver a high volume of low-pressure bursts that are ideal for hydrotherapy purposes.

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