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Water Quality

How Sundance delivers cleaner spa water.

Spa Water Treatment: The MicroClean® filtration system joined with CLEARRAY™ featured on 880™ and 780™ Series spas surpasses all other spa water treatment systems for ensuring pure, clear water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage. The system does this by combining efficient, effective filtering, water purification, water circulation, and water skimming processes.

Both the MicroClean Plus filter in 880 Series spas and the MicroClean filter in 780 Series spas employ technology similar to that is used in home drinking water filters.

  • Dual stage filtrations robust and efficient in water filtration
  • Factory Installed CLEARRAY™ treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens
  • Optional SunPurity™ mineral spa purifier further reduces the need for chemical sanitizers (not available in all countries)

NSFFDA-Compliant and NSF Approved Filter

The MicroClean filter cartridge is the first FDA-complaint and NSF-certified filter within the hot tub industry. Exclusively manufactured by Filter Specialists Inc. for Sundance Spas.


water quality

  • Multi-fiber outer layer is coated with acrylic resin for strength; retains large particles
  • Polypropylene middle layer provides microscopic filtration
  • Polyester inner layer provides additional filtering


water quality

  • The 2 piece interlocking system has an advanced dual stage filtration that is the ultimate in hot tub water treatment.
  • The outer filter is washable and acts as the first stage of filtration that traps larger particles
  • Made from 100% meltblown polypropylene; these variable density filters are compatible with a wide range of chemicals
  • Variable density construction uses the entire depth of the filter to trap sediment and debris and results in higher dirt holding capacity


water quality

  • Most robust and efficient water filtration available
  • Advanced, triple-layer pleated material filters water more thoroughly in less time
  • Traps 99% of all particles, large and small
  • Filters thoroughly from both ends
  • Removes oils and lotions from the water
  • Lasts longer; lower replacement costs
  • No leaching of chemicals from pure fiber filter


  • 12-hour filtration effectively moves up to 50,000 gallons of water per day, at roughly same cost as other systems
  • Pump works with the MicroClean and CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System to optimize filtration
  • Water is drawn over the Slipstream™ skimmer to remove impurities and debris


water quality filter

  • Filters thoroughly from two directions through pleated and microfiber materials
  • Microfiber cartridge for ultra-fine filtration
  • Pleated cartridge captures larger particles

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