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Our strategy hasn't really changed since we opened our doors…offer our clients the highest quality products at the best possible value. Add in great customer service and you have a recipe that works no matter what type of economy we're in.

We pride ourselves on offering not only the best products, but having the best employees who take the time to listen to the customer and give them exactly what they need.

We've helped over 15,000 fellow San Diegans select just the right hot tub to fit their needs. Here are some comments from just a few...

The Raaf Family

Raaf family testimonial

From Left to right… Larry Raaf, COL,US Army (Ret); Cathie Raaf, LTC, US Army (Ret); Buddy (my service dog); Boogie the Boston Terrier; Karen Raaf (daughter); Cody Lovely, CPL, US Army (Cancer survivor, Medically Ret).

This spa has been such an amazing gift. We thoroughly enjoy it…. Well, the 4 legged family members are not allowed in the spa. In fact, they were only allowed on it for the photo.

Alan P.

I’ve had my Cameo-Sundance spa for 13 years and still going strong and cheap to operate too.

Allen & Hope

Hope & I have had one Sundance for 8 years - had only one service call in that time. We use it 5-6 nights a week - Love it, would not do without it as I have had bad back, a great therapy, and great place to discuss our family. Would ONLY consider Sundance (if we move) and won’t go without.

Ami & Terri

We purchased our Cameo two years ago - it was our BEST INVESTMENT. After 3 back surgeries and 4 knee operations—this is truly a THERAPY SPA. Thanks Lance for the recommendation.

Burt R.

I bought my son and daughter a Sundance tub and NOW!!! It’s my twin. The Optima is the best spa for its size and cost. The filter system is so far superior than any spa at the show.

Dale & Pat

We’ve had our Sundance for 9 years! Use it every day. My wife has arthritis and it works wonders! Only one service call in 9 years!

Dale B.

My Sundance Spa has been great (low maintenance)Looking forward to many years of use.

Dave L.

I’ve have had a Sundance Spa for 14 years and it still works great - If anything, they make them too good.


Enjoy our Maxima for past 7 years - got it here of the Fair! What a fun addition to our yard!!

Jeff & Lisa

Installation was easy. The help from the staff at Sundance it outstanding. I look forward to many years of relaxing with my new spa. Thank you!

Kelly A.

Had mine for 10 years never broken down once. Great spas.

Larry & Dianne

We purchased our spa at this display three years ago. It has been very reliable and easy to care for. We enjoy it almost every day of our lives.


We’ve had our Sundance spa for 11 years and have had few problems. Sundance is truly the “Cadillac” of spas.

Patti & Lou

Best money we ever spent. We love our spa!

Paula & John S.

We bought our Sundance Spa about 2 years ago at the Del Mar Fair. All the folks here have been very helpful in getting it set up & installed below ground. We absolutely love it and use it ever day. One only question is… Why didn’t we get this spa earlier?!

Rick R.

We purchased spa 4 years ago. No problem. All too good: good people & good service.

Robert W.

We bought our Sundance spa at the Del Mar Fair and have used it almost daily since. It has been almost completely trouble-free. The Champagne Spas’ staff is always most helpful and courteous when we need advice and/or supplies. Our spa has been a great source of relaxation and pleasure.


I have had a Sundance and it has been great. It is also a great investment for your home. I have had it for 8 years.

Suzy & Walter C.

We have a Cameo spa and love it; we’ve had it for two years.

Suzzie Q.

Had mine for 8 years and it is really great.


We very much enjoy our Sundance Spa! It’s been trouble free and dealing with Champagne Spas has been a pleasure. We also like this Baqua Spa.

Terri & Carl

The Sundance “Marin” spa has been unbelievable! We searched for the right model to help my bursitis in the right hip. It has been a miracle. I have no more pain and walking isn’t painful now. If feels so wonderful… no more pain.

Tom & Alice

We love our Sundance Spa. We have had it for 12 years. We use it almost every day! Our service from Champagne Spas has been great.

Tom & Sarah P.

We bought ours at the fair. We love it. Champagne Spas has excellent customer service. Only one service call in 5 ½ years. Buy one and you’ll be happy.

Tom B.

Great Spa! Great Service! Friendly Support! Will buy my next bigger-spa here at Champagne Spa - for sure!

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