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How Portable is a Hot Tub?

A Sundance® Can Be Moved More Easily Than You Think

How Portable is a Hot Tub?

When my husband and I remodeled our backyard, it took us months to decide on the color and dimensions of the stained and stamped concrete patio. Several decisions and choices revolved around this permanent fixture and once it was poured and set, there was no going back.

Fortunately, Sundance® Spas are above-ground, self-contained units that are portable. Our hot tubs are quite easy to install and set up, and they can be relocated again later, depending on the hot tub installation. These benefits have made our portable spas (check out one of my favorites, the Hawthorne™) extremely popular for home owners looking to create a backyard spa retreat without the stress of a huge construction project.

A portable hot tub can be tilted up on its side onto a flat dolly and easily guided along a walkway – just be sure the hot tub has clearance at gates or doorways. Unlike an in-ground hot tub installation, a portable hot tub doesn’t require any special construction or plumbing. (It’s important that you contact a licensed electrician or contractor when planning for your hot tub electrical hook up. You should consult the owner’s manual for your specific hot tub model and provide the information to your electrician.)

You can find out more about the delivery process and how to install a portable hot tub from your local Sundance® dealer. A good dealer will be able to help you secure all the available help needed for your hot tub electrical connections. Visit our store to discuss hot tub installation.

The portability of a Sundance® Spa offers other advantages:

  • If you move to a new residence, your portable hot tub can move with you.
  • House hunters lucky enough to find a home with a hot tub in the backyard can drain the hot tub and install it in a different part of the yard, or build a deck around it for a new look.
  • Thinking about buying a bigger hot tub or downsizing? You can sell your existing hot tub and replace it.

For anyone who has an eye on a new portable hot tub, have fun planning and download a free brochure to decide which model is right for you.



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