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5 Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

Swim spas are not only relaxing and entertaining, but they are also great for your fitness. They can help you to stay active within the comfort of your own home. A swim spa is essentially a hybrid between the classic hot tub and a swimming pool. It brings the best of both worlds together, giving you the comfort of the latter with more space and mobility. If you’re undecided between going for a classic hot tub or a swimming pool, perhaps you could find what you are looking for in this amazing compromise. This article features 5 awesome benefits that will illustrate some of the intriguing perks and features of swim spas!

The Best of Both Worlds

As mentioned earlier, swim spas combine the health benefits, luxurious vibes, and comfort of a hot tub, with the space you would expect from a swimming pool. Because of this unique compromise, you can use a swim spa to kick back and enjoy some relaxation, just like you would in a hot tub. However, the extended room of a swim spa will also give you more room to exercise and relax. Swim spas create high water currents with water jets, meaning that they offer enough resistance for people to swim and reap the benefit of this sport, even without a larger pool.

While anyone can enjoy swim spas, they are also great for beginners who are just getting started and learning how to swim. They might indeed feel more comfortable within a safe and manageable water environment. In addition to that, a swim spa is certainly going to be great for some cardio, fitness and other amazing water-based exercises. At Champagne Spas, we have TidalFit® Swim Spas for sale in California.

Health Benefits of Swim Spas

Working out in a swim spa has many benefits, including lessening the effects of fatigue. When you train outdoors on a hot day or even on a cold one, your body is more exposed to the stress from the training. While in the water, you don’t sweat as much and there is a rather pleasant feeling of being “weightless”, which will help you be more relaxed, while maintaining a healthy and productive training regime at your own pace. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce muscle pain and prevents joint soreness, making swim spas a perfect option for those of us who are looking to stay active, even in spite of chronic pain or similar issues.

Family Fun

If you have children, you should consider the benefits of a swim spa. They offer a space where your little ones can play safely, while the whole family enjoys quality time together! If you are a busy parent, you will love swim spas. They are cozy enough to be manageable, yet large enough to welcome your kids and your family, for some memorable bonding and fun times. While you might not have the time to manage a larger swimming pool, a swim spa is also less demanding in terms of maintenance, and way more flexible.


Although the idea of installing a swimming pool in your backyard might be exciting, you may be concerned about the large commitment in terms of space. A swimming pool will inevitably take up a lot of real estate. You will have to rearrange the look and feel of the entire area to accommodate a swimming pool. On the other hand, a swim spa is rather reduced in terms of size, while offering more room than an average hot tub. This means that you will be able to install a swim spa in your backyard or in whatever space you desire, without the need to sacrifice much room. Still don’t know whether you want to go for a hot tub or a swim spa for your California home? Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts at Champagne Spas for further advice and information, we would be happy to hear from you!

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